In Crocodillo 

Go back to the bottom of the shawl, to the bottom tip of the leaf, working on the right side. Join yarn with a sl st. We are going to be working up the edge of the shawl to neaten up the edge. Place dc sts evenly up the side, feeling your way by using the natural gaps created by the sts on the edge. Every 4 sts or that of your preference, create a picot by ch3 and join with a sl st to the first ch made. Feel free to omit the picot if you prefer. I finished with the last dc in the top of the tr from the beginning of row 94, and then created a picot. Continue onto row 91, working across the top of the shawl.

Row 91 (RS): Dc into the first st of row 90 (this is where the dc and picot was just made). Dc into the next 4 sts. (2dc into the ch2 sp, dc into the top of the tr3tog) repeat across to the last ch2 sp. 2dc into this sp. Dc into the next 4 sts. 2dc into the last st. 

Fasten off. 

Once all your ends are sewn in, your shawl is finished. Alternatively, if you have not sewn your ends in on the right hand side of the shawl, on my second version I created mini plaits with the loose ends to give a slightly different look. I did this by adding in a length of tencel in a different colour to that of the tail end, then plaiting these. Feel free to get inventive here, I think they would look fabulous with beads added into the plaits.

We used the hashtag #veganyarnmcal2022 on Instagram for the duration of the MCAL - please feel free to use this too so we can find your beautiful versions.

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