Please make sure you have completed the gauge swatch before starting the pattern, found here. There are also notes about the pattern to help you along, again found here.

In Croccodillo

Ch12. Dc into the second ch from the hook. Htr into the next 2 ch, tr, dtr into the next 3 ch, tr, htr into the next 2 ch, dc. Sl st across to the other side of the ch. Dc into the same st. Htr into the next 2 ch, tr, dtr into the next 3 ch, tr, htr into the next 2 ch, dc. Fasten off. One leaf made. 


In Kushy

Row 1 (RS): With the leaf orientated with the finishing dc to the top of the leaf, furthest away from you, tr into the first dc blo of the right side of the leaf. This dc is at the bottom right side of the leaf. 

Htr blo into the first htr of the leaf, dc blo into the second htr of the leaf, dc into blo of the first tr of the leaf. Turn. (4 sts) 

Row 2 (WS): Skip dc just made, dc into next dc, htr into htr, 2tr into last tr of row. Turn. (4 sts)

Row 3 (RS): Chainless tr, tr into the same st. Tr, htr, dc, dc blo into each of the 1st and 2nd dtr of the leaf. Turn. (7 sts)

Row 4 (WS): Skip dc just made. Dc into the next 2 sts, htr into the next 3 sts, 2htr into the last st. Turn. (7 sts)

Row 5 (RS): Ch1, 2dc into the first st. Dc into the next 6 sts. Dc blo into the next 5 unworked sts of the leaf. You should end with your last dc into the last dc of the leaf where you fastened off. Fasten off, leaving a tail end of around 30cm if you wish to create the embellishment. (13 sts)  

With the tail end of the yarn just fastened off, make a backstitch down the beginning ch centre of the leaf, creating a midrib.

Please feel free to be creative here and use whatever stitches come naturally to you. Sew in this end. 

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