These crochet owls were inspired by the Tyto Alba Crochet Top by Rachel Field (Pearled Wing), featuring parts of Rachel’s pattern.

This is a 2-in-1 pattern. Both owls are constructed in a similar way, but with slight variations to give the different species of owl. Alba is a Barn Owl (Tyto alba) and Noctua is a Little Owl (Athena noctua). In the photos below, Alba has the turquoise head cap and Noctua, the mustardy-green head cap.

The pattern is available to buy here on Ravelry. 100% of proceeds from this pattern are being donated to the Screech Owl Sanctuary in Cornwall. The sanctuary rehabilitates owls and other wildlife and is a well-deserving cause.


I had a fabulous group of testers who really made the pattern their own, and I'd love for you to be inspired by them.

Rachel who designed the Tyto Alba Crochet Top from which this pattern was inspired, started testing from my very scrappy notes and came up with Sooty - the Greater Sooty Owl. Barney followed shortly after to match one of the tops (shown in the picture). The fluffy yarn around the eyes is in-genius!


Lesley really blew me away by trying out Noctua in three different weights of yarn, 4ply, DK and Aran, which really effected the size of the resulting owl. Not only that, but Lesley added a Dorset button detail to the back of the head of her first version of Noctua, which is a lovely touch.


Valentino flew into Stephanie's life around Valentine's Day and has been stealing hearts ever since!


Jess had the idea of turning the owls into doorsteps and hence filled their bodies with rice. I have definitely got to try this myself!


Emma's owl has lovely autumnal vibes and looks so striking in the afternoon sun.


Candi made a contrasting pair, that work so well together.


Katlyn's very sporting partner, posing with his best owl face!


Grace's owl has a lovely combination of dusky purple and blue that pair nicely with the neutral body.


Elizabeth's owl is a very striking yellow and green mix which gives it a completely different look.


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