My first-ever design and published pattern, first published in August 2022.

This pattern was inspired by the relief of rain after a hot, dry period of weather. Imagine when the rain falls and all is refreshed and sparkly.

Lacy sections produce the clouds and raindrops pattern, punctuated by bands in a contrast colour.
This is a measure-along pattern with an explanation of how to adjust, although the instructions given would fit the majority of wearers.

This pattern could be made using any yarn, but I suggest something with drape to make the most out of the stitch pattern. Vegan Yarn have made a special kit for this pattern, using hand-dyed 100% DK Bamboo yarn which is available from their website.

The pattern is available to buy on Ravelry here, in both UK and US terms. If you prefer not to use Ravelry, please get in touch and we can organise payment and I can email the pattern to you.

For ease, you can find all my patterns in my Tortie Treblemaker Designs Ravelry Store, by clicking on the turquoise button.