For our 2022 MCAL/MKAL, I teamed up with Adelle from Vegan Yarn.

If knitting is more your jam, Adelle has designed a Mystery Knit Along that you can find on her website or Ravelry.

The full pattern is now available to download here, or you can still follow along each day as the pattern was originally released below. It is also available as a high-resolution PDF on Ravelry.

Schedule ~ Mystery Crochet Along

1st December  Day 1
2nd December  Day 2
3rd December Day 3
4th December Day 4
5th December Day 5
6th December Day 6
7th December Day 7
8th December Day 8
9th December Day 9 - Rest Day / Catch-up day
10th December Day 10
11th December Day 11
12th December Day 12
13th December Day 13
14th December Day 14
15th December Day 15
16th December Day 16
17th December Day 17
18th December Day 18 - Rest Day / Catch-up day
19th December Day 19
20th December Day 20
21st December Day 21
22nd December Day 22
23rd December Day 23
24th December Day 24



From the 1st of December, you will find here a section of the pattern released each day for 24 days. We will be having two rest days which could also be used to catch-up if required. We will be using four different colours of 100g DK Tencel Yarn (225m per skein), hand dyed by Adelle, but you are more than welcome to use any DK yarn. If you do choose to substitute, I would recommend choosing yarn that has drape as the tencel is very drapey. I think it would be fun to mix fibres and use this project as a stash buster. The design is a triangular shawl, and I have been giving a few hints to the theme over on my social media pages. Below are two examples of the colours that I am using in my versions.

From left to right: Kushy, Cutting, Crocodillo and Rustier.


From left to right: Kushy, Wizadora, Bettie and Velvet Nights.


For ease, you can find all my patterns in my Tortie Treblemaker Designs Ravelry Store, by clicking on the turquoise button.